Biyaheng Juan-Sided

A FIlipino's Perspectives on People and Places

The Daydreamer

My feet are stuck, solid into the ground. I am wide awake Β and yet I am fallen into a deep state of dreaming.

I am just an ordinary Filipino, who, as much as I want to and as much as I can, do a lot of extraordinary things.

Our life is short. Don’t let yourself just be surrounded by the four corners of your room.

Be brave. There are a lot of things that are waiting for us to discover.

Open your heart—yourself. Many people in different places, from different walks of life have stories that’s waiting to be heard.

Don’t be a kill joy, never spoil a moment. I am not brave, but I don’t let fear stop me from doing the things that I enjoy best — adventures.

9 thoughts on “The Daydreamer

  1. glad to have found you through blogging 101! it is always my pleasure to discover fellow pinoy travel bloggers such as yourself. good luck and keep on blogging!

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