During one of our regular Sunday Church service, a visiting pastor took out a chocolate bar, and showed it to the crowd. He raised it so that everyone could see it clearly. He then asked the audience if we wanted it. If we do, he asked us to raise our hands so he could also see it clearly. As a response, almost all of us raised our hands.

The pastor said, “Wow, so everyone wants this chocolate.” He paused for a while then said, “All those who wants this chocolate can have it, but [condition], you must come hear in front and get it in the podium”.

As I was in the back serving as an usher, I could see the reactions of most people. Most of them actually didn’t do anything, nor showed that they actually wanted to do anything. There were some who showed hesitations. Only three, out of almost 200 members of the audience, actually raced to the front to get the chocolate. But among the three, only one had the initiative to get it. The other two just stood and went to the front after they saw someone ran.

The result was obvious. The first one to stand up and went to the front was the one to actually get the chocolate. The pastor then did a rhetorics by asking why out of all the people who raised their hands, only few actually went and tried to get the chocolate.

“Wow.” That was the first word that I actually said after realizing what he just did.

The preaching was about the grace of God being available to all of us. He said that God has already provided all the things that we need, and it is actually up to us whether to go to Him and receive those gifts, or just stand where we are and do nothing. To put it simply, we have a choice on the action that we want to take.

Although the example was basically used to demonstrate how Christians should respond to God, it was however, also demonstrate how we generally should change our mindset whether we are Christians or not.

Most of us actually know exactly what we want, and there are [numerous] times that we also know or have an idea how to get it – to achieve it. The only problem is, we oftentimes succumb to our fears, our disabilities, to an enemy we invented. We always complain about difficulties, the challenges we need to achieve them. We always try to make excuses on how difficult it is for us, that other people are more capable than us.

If we really want something – our goals, our dreams, then, the first thing we need to do is change our mindset. Clearly, we have our disabilities. There are times that things go seemingly smoother to others than to us, but we should not focus on that. We should stop comparing ourselves to others. They have their own fight that we are not even aware of. So just focus on the things you really want, and not on the successes of other people.

Plan, start with the smallest thing to accomplish so you will not be overwhelmed. Choose to have that first step, choose to act. Maybe, even just maybe, you will also get your own piece of chocolate.