Costales Nature farms
Date of trip: April 23, 2016 (4th Organic Harvest Festival)

The introduction of tourism in an area has seen in many literatures as detrimental to food production, as the two industries compete with each other in terms of land and labor resources. However, by making farm activities part of tourism experience, we are creating a synergistic or harmonious relationship between the two. A perfect example would be the case of Costales Nature Farms.

Located in Majayjay in the province of Laguna, famous for its waterfalls and the majestic view of Mt. Banahaw, Costales Nature Farms, which was established in 2005, is the first ever premiere agritourism site accredited by the Department of Tourism. As explains by Spire Research and Consulting, agritourism “involves an agriculturally-based operation or activity that draws visitors to a farm, ranch or any natural site like pineapple plantations, orchid farms and bee farms for outdoor recreational activities, education, shopping or even lodging”. The idea is that, by having and enjoying a first hand experience on the different farm activities, visitors are likely to develop enthusiasm towards agriculture. In the process, agritourism not only stimulates the growth of tourism industry  by increasing  the visitor flow, but consequently, it manages to revitalize the agricultural sector.

Aside from being an accredited agritourism site, the farm also serves as the primary supplier of organic high value vegetables and herbs to numerous high class restaurants within and outside the region, including Solaire Resort and Casino and Shangri-La Hotel. Furthermore, being an accredited private extension service provider by the Department of Agriculture and Department of Tourism, the farm also offers seminars and workshops on integrated organic farming (vegetable farming, hog and chicken raising) and agritourism. For those who are on a tight schedule [and budget], they also offer a short guided tour around their farm’s attractions including their greenhouses, hog farm, rabbit house, fishpond. and strawberry pathway.  This guided farm tour is perfect for students, from primary to graduate level.

Since Costales Nature Farms is very proximal from the National Capital Region, it is very convenient for people to pay it a visit, whether to learn or just to relax.

Additional notes:

  • If coming from San Pablo City, you can ride the Jeepney going to Liliw (near Cathedral) then from Liliw, ride another Jeepney going to Majajay, or you may ride a tricycle.
  • Pls follow the instructions given by the guides; it is for your own safety.
  • Don’t just pick fruits or flowers around the farm, ask permission first.
  • Since you can finish the tour in just halfday, you could actually visit other nearby tourist destinations such as Taytay Falls (READ: Taytay Falls in Majayjay, Laguna: An Escape from Heat), Bukal Falls (READ: Bukal Falls in Majayjay, Laguna: A Playground of Fairies), or buy  tsinelas  in Liliw (READ: Liliw, Laguna: More than A Tsinelas Capital). Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is also along the way if you are coming from Manila.
  • You may contact Costales Nature Farms through:
    • Official website:
    • Email:                           cc;
    • Facebook:
    • Telephone: (02 ) 640 6864
  • Always be reminded of a simple rule: garbage in, garbage out. Help in protecting and conserving our environment.


I would like to send my sincerest gratitude to my fellow members of the UPLB Environmental Science Society, who organized this trip. 

members of the UPLB Environmental Science Society
members of the UPLB Environmental Science Society at the entrance of the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery


Travel Guide    
Route Mode of Transportation Estimated Travel Time
Victory Terminal (Cubao) to Sta Cruz, Laguna (Pagsawitan*) Bus (Sta Cruz Bound)* 3 hours
Pagsawitan to Majayjay (Poblacion) Jeep (Majayjay Bound) 45 minutes
Poblacion to Barangay Gagalot* Jeep (Taytay Bound)/ Tricycle 15 minutes
*going to Taytay Falls  


Estimated Budget (in Pesos)        
Transportation (one-way)        
Victory Terminal (Cubao) to Sta Cruz, Laguna (Pagsawitan*) 149      
Pagsawitan to Majayjay (Poblacion) 35      
Poblacion to Gagalot (Jeep)* 15      
Registration Fee** 261      
*tricycle ride is Php 200 per ride        
**Inclusive of vegetbale snakcs, guided farm tour, and free Wifi Access; other rates are available in their website


Here are some photos during our Costales Nature Farms visit:

Costales Nature farms
luscious cherry tomatoes
Costales Nature farms
a very delicious lettuce wall
Costales Nature farms
thirst quenching fresh Japanese cucumber juice
Costales Nature farms
the fishpond inside the farm where you could fish
Costales Nature farms
strawberries grown in the farm, which are already adapted to the local climate
Costales Nature farms
one of the greenhouses of Costales Farm
Costales Nature farms
lettuces being nursed inside the greenhouse
Costales Nature farms
sun-kissed basils
Costales Nature farms