Date of trip: October 10, 2015
Date of trip: October 10, 2015

Cold weather, towering agoho trees, and picturesque view of mountain – these are things that Filipinos, especially those from Luzon, associate with Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines, and to Sagada, Mountain Province (READ: Sagada, Mountain Province: A Traveler’s Haven). 

But, little do we know that in Mindanao, people could also have the same experience that Baguio City could offer, and more. Located in the base of Mount Kitanglad, Barangay Dahilayan in the Municipality of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, is truly one of the best kept secrets of Mindanao, which is undoubtedly at par with Baguio City in terms of beauty. However, unlike the latter, Dahilayan is less crowded and the air quality is better, as there were less people living within the area.

As with most Filipinos, I never knew about this place until our trip to Bukidnon. Our Dahilayan trip was part of our 5-day Mindanao adventure, which started in Butuan City (READ: Delta Discovery Park in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte: A must try 1.3 km-long zip-line challenge!). Our friend made Dahilayan last in our itinerary because she wanted to ensure that we would be able to rest  before we went back to Luzon. 

The trek going to Dahilayan Gardens and Resort was not difficult at all, especially since the weather was really cold. We arrived at the venue around early afternoon, so, upon our arrival, the first thing we did was to order our lunch (and our dinner as well). After we’re done with our meal and settled our accounts, we went to the campsite and left our bags. We then spent the rest of our afternoon at Dahilayan Adventure Park, which was just beside Dahilayan Gardens and Resort. My friends tried some of their extreme activities, including their dropzone, which was really frightening even for spectators.

Then, before we went back to our campsite, we went outside of the adventure park to have a very short stroll. The view along the road was really nice. There were numerous log cabins, and even some old planes. You could also enjoy the sight of Dahilayan’s vast greenery.

We had our dinner at the Sun Room of the Dahilayan Gardens and Resort. Although I could say that the food was not that good, at least it was well compensated by the romantic ambiance of the place. After we had our dinner, we went straight to the campsite where we had a bonfire and enjoyed the rest of the night.

In the morning, we prepared all our things before we headed to Pine Grove Mountain Lodge Restaurant to have our breakfast. The restaurant was located inside Dahilayan Adventure Park. For me, I found this restaurant really great. It was clean and looked elegant, the food was delicious, their service crew was accommodating, and above all, the price of their food was not that expensive.

After we’re done with our breakfast, we went back to our campsite and did our last minute preparations. At around 10am, we were fetched by a car, which we rented in Cagayan de Oro. Although we spent less than 24 hours in Dahilayan, I could really say that I enjoyed our stay there and would definitely go back there if given the opportunity.

When we left, we took nothing but pictures, we left nothing but memories.

Additional notes:

  • Magnum has one trip only daily going to Dahilayan at 9AM and one trip back to CDO at 4PM.
  • Dahilayan Gardens and Resort is open from Tuesday to Sunday (and all Holidays) from 8am to 5pm.
  • You may contact Dahilayan Gardens and Resort through:
    • Mobile no. : +63 917 7147229
    • E-mail :
    • Website:
  • You may contact Dahilayan Adventure Park through:
    • Mobile no. : 0922-880-1319
    • E-mail :
    • Website:
  • Always be reminded of a simple rule: garbage in, garbage out. Help in protecting and conserving our environment.



I would like to send my sincerest gratitude to Ms. Carenne Amador-Jabay for providing me with the travel guide and as well as the estimated budget; also to her family for allowing us to stay at their home. 

Travel Guide    
Route Mode of Transportation Estimated Travel Time
Laguindingan Airport to CDO (Lim Ket Kai Center) Magnum van or coaster 1 hour
CDO (Lim Ket Kai Center) to Dahilayan Magnum van or coaster 1.5 hours
Dahilayan crossing to Dahilayan Gardens Resort Foot 15 minutes


Estimated Budget (in Pesos)  
Transportation (one-way)  
Laguindingan Airport to CDO (Lim Ket Kai Center) 199
CDO (Lim Ket Kai Center) to Dahilayan 249
Entrance Fee (Dahilayan Gardens and Resort)  
Children 40
Adult 60
Accommodation (Dahilayan Gardens and Resort)*  
Hydrangea (2-bedroom cottage, good for 6 people) 8,000
Amaryllis (Good for 4 people) 4,500
Salvia (Good for 8 people) 6,500
Additional bed 500
Camping Fee per person (1st night) 200
Camping Fee per person (succeeding night) 150
Tent rental per person per night 75
Sleeping bag rental per person per night 100
Kitchen Use – Stove (10pax/day) 200
Bonfire setup 300
Glamping 1/OAK 2,500
Glamping 2/PINE 3,800
Glamping 3/CEDAR 3,800
Activities (Dahilayan Adventure Park)  
Zipall Package 600
Zipline (840m) 500
Zipline (320m;150m) 250
Dropzone Single 500
Dropzone Tandem 750
Sky Jump 400
Sky Jump (Add-0n 300
Python  Rollern Zipride 300
Flying Lizard 250
Ropes Course 200
Photo with certificate 100
Food (Pine Grove Mountain Lodge) – Ave. Price/Meal 200
*Cancellation Policy: Down payment/Reservation fee is non refundable. Additional cancellation fee of 25% (of remaining balance) will be charged if cancelled 3 days before the event; 50% (of remaining balance) if 2 days before the event and 100% (of remaining balance) within 24 hours or on the day itself.  
*Check-in time: 2pm; Check-out time:12nn  
*Holy week rate: Additional 20 percent  
**Check-in time: 9am; check-out time: 12nn  
***Glamping 2 and 3 have their own restrooms and can accommodate an additional bed; same check-in and check-out time as with the cottages  

Here are some photos during our trip in Dahilayan:

the start of our trek going to the resort
A stretch of Agoho (Casuarina equisetifolia) trees on our way to the gardens
a wooden bench, great for relaxation
our cozy little tents
the beautiful interior of the Pine Grove Mountain Lodge Restaurant
the dropzone at dusk
garden gazebo, which is perfect for garden weddings
the towering Agoho trees at night
our ceiling for the night
our bonfire, which kept us warm even just for a while
one of the log cabins of Dahilayan Gardens
Glamping, a short term for glamorous style of camping
view of the pond from the Agoho Park/Forest
this is where we had our bonfire