(Just chilling, Sept 26, 2015)
(Just chilling, Sept 26, 2015)

Feeling heart broken? Alone? Or simply just want to relax and enjoy the night? Well, this cafe is fit for you (and for everyone!).

If you are staying in Sagada, for whatever purpose you have (vacation, soul searching, or believing that this place will actually heal your broken heart as part of the “That Thing Called Tadhana craze), well, you can drop by and be free to do anything at Sagada Pine Cafe.

Sagada Pine (previously known as Bamboo Bar) is located along the road going to the Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves, just few minutes away from Sagada Municipal Tourism Office. It is just a really small shack as compared with other establishments along the same road, hence, it is not really a place that is commonly part of the checklists of the visitors (but it should be!).

This cafe is owned and managed by 2 humble and simple locals. I asked them, not once, twice or thrice about the owner of the cafe, but they really never told me who it was. They just told me that the cafe is owned by the people who went, goes, and will go there.  Because according to them, without these people, the business won’t prosper nor even continue. I only found out who the owner was when I saw their business permit.

The interior of the cafe is really built with the memories of the people who went there. The whole place is like a big freedom wall — from its walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, and even books. You can see different pictures, various types of IDs (school, office, and even driver’s license), community tax certificate, calling cards, and of course, different notes. During our second time there, we were able to read the funny signage posted by the managers, and the heartfelt notes left by their visitors.  Upon reading some of the notes on the walls and inside the books, we were able to find some heartbroken messages. It was funny, not because someone was (or maybe still is) heartbroken, but because of his choice of words.

The regulars (or those who frequently go there) told us that you can actually leave anything there, as in everything!

The best part of going to this cafe is the fact that everyone is welcome here, as they become part of their community. You can sit anywhere you want, or whoever you want to sit with.

Definitely, this place is something that I will look forward to when I return to Sagada, and you should too.

(Note: this is not open the entire day, it opens around 4:20 pm)

Here are some of the notes and signage posted inside the cafe:

always remember to fall in … line
a compilation of memories
Pls be carePaul, Paul
Thank You Sagada!
Bob Marley!
pls talk to someone (but make sure who’s that someone is)
Smile, tough your heart is aching!
Edible happiness!
a long poem
a mixture of memory objects
A letter for Angelica