(An Appreciation Trip on Culture,  Novemeber 16, 2014)
(An Appreciation Trip on Culture, Novemeber 16, 2014)

An art represents people and their culture.

After 2 long years, my friends and I decided to go out and catch up with the years that we were not able to actually get together and bond. Since we really wanted our trip to materialize, we decided just to go somewhere in Manila since most of them were working adjacent to the area. After a series of calls, texts and chats, we finally decided to visit National Museum.

National Museum, situated in Padre Burgos Drive in Manila, is the Philippines’ primary repository and custodian of  cultural heritage. As an organization, National Museum is “an educational, scientific and cultural institution that acquires, documents, preserves, exhibits, and fosters scholarly study and public appreciation of works of art, specimens, and cultural and historical artifacts representative of our unique to the cultural heritage of the Filipino people and the natural history of the Philippines” (National Museum).

The museum was established in 1901 “as an ethnography and natural history museum”  and then transferred to its present location in 1918 (National Museum of the Philippines). The museum houses different collections from famous Filipino artists such as Juan Luna, Vicente Manansala, Carlos Francisco, and as well as the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

From time to time, different special exhibits are being hosted by the museum which could  could last for more than a month. During our visit, an exhibit of the collections of the “Dimasalang Group and Friends” was hosted by the museum. This group included Romulo Galicano, Andres Cristobal Cruz, Ibarra de la Rosa, Sofronio Y. Mendoza, Jaime de Guzman, and Emilio Aguilar Cruz. The exhibit was from November 7, 2014 to July 27, 2015.

After we finished our tour in the museum, we decided to leave the museum since we sill wanted to visit other places in Manila.

When we left, we took nothing but pictures, we left nothing but memories.

For more photos, please go to Life Gallery.

Other notes:

  • Be mindful of the other visitors of the museum.
  • Pls always follow the rules inside the museum to avoid any inconveniences.
  • The admission was free during Sundays.
Travel Guide*    
Route Mode of Transportation Estimated Travel Time
Olivarez Plaza** to Buendia Bus (LRT Taft Bound) ≈1.5 hours
Buendia to Manila City Hall Jeep (City Hall Bound) 20 minutes
Manila City Hall to National Museum Foot 10 minutes
*based on actual events    
**Los Banos, Laguna (College)