(A Tour in the city, November 16, 2014)
(A Tour in the city, November 16, 2014)

A hero is someone who thinks, not just for himself, but as well as for others.

After our tour in the National Museum, my friend and I decided to stay in Manila until sunset to visit one more cultural heritage in Manila. Since my friend was not able to visit Luneta Park before, we decided to take a short tour there and took some pictures.

Luneta Park, which means a detached, crescent-shaped fort in Spanish, was once a marshland and considered a “no man’s land” until Paseo de Luneta was built in 1820 (National Parks Development Committee). It was also known as Bagumbayan, a Tagalog word which means “new town”.

The park is also known as Rizal Park, since this was where Dr. Jose Rizal, the National Hero of the Philippines, was executed in the  morning of December 30, 1896.  The day served as a momentous event for Filipinos which heightened their thirst for independence from the Spanish Colonizers.

Today, a very huge statue of the national hero stands tall in the area. The park has been developed into a tourism site and many activities are presently available in the area which can be enjoyed by everyone. Some of them are as follows:

  • Picture taking with the monument of Rizal
A first timer in the park
A first timer in the park

The tour in Luneta will not be complete without a picture with the monument. Just take a short break from the stroll and smile for the camera. If you have no camera, a lot of photographers are available in the area.

  • Picnic with friends or families
People watching the light and sound show in Luneta Park
People watching the light and sound show in Luneta Park

The park is a good place to rest with your family or friends. Just sit down, relax, and enjoy the scenery. If you were not able to bring any picnic blankets with you, don’t worry, a lot of vendors are selling plastic sheets which you can use to cover the floor.

  • Watch the light and sound show
The light and sound show in the park
The light and sound show in the park

During our trip in Luneta, we were able to witness the light and sound show in the middle part of the park. This is quite similar to the light and sound show in Hongkong Ocean Park since it also combines the play of sound, lights and fire within a pool of water. The best part is, it is free for everyone.

  • Kalesa Ride
A horse carriage near Luneta Park
A horse carriage near Luneta Park

If you want to experience how people travel during the old times, try riding one of the kalesas (horse carriage) available in the area.

Since we didn’t want to get caught in the heavy traffic, we went home as early as we finished our dinner.

When we left, we took nothing but pictures, we left nothing but memories.

For more photos, please go to Life Gallery.

Other notes:

  • Do not throw anything around the park.
  • Be mindful of the people around you.
  • The park is commonly full of people. Beware of pickpockets and snatchers.
Travel Guide*    
Route Mode of Transportation Estimated Travel Time
Olivarez Plaza** to Buendia Bus (LRT Taft Bound) ≈1.5 hours
Buendia to Luneta Park Jeep (Kalaw Luneta Bound) 20 minutes
*based on actual events    
**Los Banos, Laguna (College)