(A side trip along the rainbow, October 26, 2014)
(A side trip along the rainbow, October 26, 2014)

A shared problem could also be solved through a shared responsibility.

 After a good meal and a lot of recreational activities in Pandin and Yambu lakes, we decided to also visit some of the other lakes that could be found in the city. We originally considered visiting Mojicap Lake, but since it was late and there was no other things that could be done in the area, we just decided to visit Sampaloc Lake since it was just in the City Proper and just near the jeepney terminal going back to Los Banos, Laguna.

Samaploc lake was the most famous lake among all the lakes in San Pablo City. One major factor would be its location, giving high accessibility to visitors. Among the seven crater lakes, Sampaloc lake was considered the widest, with a total circumference of 3.7 kilometers. Although not suitable for swimming because of its water quality (as a result of waste water discharge from domestic and commercial sectors, numerous wastes from fish cages, solid wastes from various sources), the lake was still considered a prime tourism area because of the number of people visiting the lake to rest and do some recreational activities. Some of these recreational activities that could be done when visiting Sampaloc lake were as follows:

1. Lake viewing

a long stretch of the viewing deck.
a long stretch of the viewing deck.

Visitors typically just visit the lake just to rest and enjoy the view of the lake having Mt. Cristobal as its backdrop. Numerous viewing decks were available which were donated by a lot of organizations (including Rotary Club, Lion Club, Kiwanis Club). It was a beauty of its own.

2. Food Tripping

Food stalls along the bike and jog lanes.
Food stalls along the bike and jog lanes.

A lot of good restaurants and bars could be found along the circumference of the lake. These resto-bars had different ambiance to offer to the visitors. If you are on a tight budget, especially if you are a student, a lot of food stalls were also in the area, offering a wide arrange of snacks, especially different kinds of inihaw (grilled).

3. Bicycling

Biking activity in the area.
Biking activity in the area.

Since the whoole circumference of the lake had a concrete road, recreational biking could be done, even with just Japanese surplus bikes. A bike rental shop was available in the area.

4. Walking

Walking along the
Walking along the

Just for a mere relaxation, one could just walk along the circumference of the lake to think and form great ideas.

5. Jogging

Going down the concrete stairs  going to the lake.
Going down the concrete stairs going to the lake.

As there was a jogging lane in the area, safe jogging could be enjoyed along Sampaloc Lake. With it 3.7 kilometer-circumference, a nice intensity and duration of exerceise could be done. If you want to add intensity to you exercise, you could jog going up and down the concrete stairs of Sampaloc Lake.

Our stay in Sampaloc Lake just took us around 30 minutes or so, but we definitely enjoyed it.

When we left, we took nothing but pictures, we left nothing but memories.

Additional Notes:

  • Pls throw your trash in the proper place so not to aggregate to the problem on solid waste in the area. If trash bins are not available, then keep your trash until you found one.
  • It is very wonderful to visit the lake in a combined weather day, meaning, a sunny but with drizzle in the afternoon. A good view of rainbow may be expected just above the lake.
Travel Guide*
Route Mode of Transportation Estimated Travel Time
Olivarez Plaza** to San Pablo City (Sambat) Jeep (San Pablo Bound) 1 hour
San Pablo City (Sambat) to Sampalok Lake Tricycle 5 minutes
*based on actual events
**Los Banos, Laguna (College)