(A stroll along a street full of foot wears, May 25, 2014)

Keep your best foot forward.

As our week about to end, one of my running mates asked us if we could accompany him to buy some footwear for his relatives back in his province in Romblon. Since I had done my work and wanted to relax and have even a short break, I decided to join him, together with one other running mate, in his trip to Liliw, Laguna.

Liliw is one of the mountainous municipalities of Laguna in the south and just at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, bordering Dolores, Quezon. Its name was derived from the sound of a bird. Gat Tayaw, the person who founded the municipality in 1571, decided to name the town to a bird which will rest on the pole that he and his men erected (LiliwLagunaSite). However, the first bird which nested on the pole was a crow which was then considered as malicious, thus, they again erected a new bamboo post. After few days, a bird rested on the bamboo pole and sung “liw, liw, liw”, hence, the name Liliw was derived.

Throughout the years, the municipality managed to earn its reputation for the quality of different foot wears they are making, specifically slippers (Tsinelas in Tagalog) and therefore recognized as the tsinelas capital of the Philippines.

As we walk around the busy street of Liliw, we were able to see the different pearls offered by the town. These are:

1. St. John the Baptist

It was known as the Church of Liliw until recently, on February 6, 2009, the name was changed to its present name in dedication to St. John the Baptist. According to the Philippine Historical Committee and as posted in the wall of the church, the church was reconstructed after the earthquake on 1880 and was again damaged during a fire on 1898. The church is highly recognizable for its picturesque brick walls.


2. Badong Footwear

Everytime I asked about the best shop to buy, everyone would eagerly tell me to go Badong’s. Badong footwear is one of the oldest names in the Liliw tsinelas industry. It has an overwhelmingly good reputation throughout the years, that is why many customers, both local and tourists keep coming back to the store.


3. A Street full of Shoe stores

Aside from Badong, the whole main street of the Liliw Poblacion is full of more than a dozen different footwear shops selling a wide range of variety of footwear for all age groups in various sizes, shapes and colors in affordable prices.


4. Arabela

Of course! After a long walk and bargaining, the best thing to do is to satisfy your hunger and indulge in one of the best restaurants in town,  Arabela. The Italian restaurant is filling hungry stomachs since 2003. Aside from different kinds of pasta, the restaurant is also serving different rice meals, tacos, breads, appetizers and desserts. The restaurant is also perfect for people who are looking for refreshments after a long walk under the heat of the sun.


It was such a short trip, therefore, we were not able to visit all the tourist attractions that the municipality of Liliw is taking pride of. After our great lunch at Arabela, we bought all the things we wanted to buy and traveled back home.

When we left, we took nothing but pictures, we left nothing but memories.

Travel Guide*
Olivarez Plaza** to San Pablo City Jeep 1 hour
San Pablo City to Liliw, Laguna Jeep 1 hour
*based on actual events
**Los Banos, Laguna (College)

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