(Provided a helping hand for a friend in need, march 27, 2014)

A day spent helping a friend is definitely a day well spent.

A friend approached as to accompany him in his reconnaissance trip in Tadlac lake for his research  project in one of his courses. Fortunately, we were free during that time so we went with him.

Tadlac Lake (also called as Alligator or Crocodile Lake) is located in Barangay Tadlac, a fishing community in the municipality of Los Banos, Laguna. According to the Satoyama Initiative, the lake is separated from the Laguna Lake just by a 50-meter wide land, located in ts eastern side. Before, the lake was used extensively for fishing until the massive fish kill during 1990’s, and served as a catalyst for the management of the lake to stop its further degradation.

As we roamed around the area, we saw a lot of resorts surrounding the lake, capitalizing on its aesthetic value. However, swimming in the lake itself is not common , especially for the locals, because of a folktale that every year, at least one person dies from drowning, as caused by a deity living in the lake.

Our visit in the area was very brief since we could not go around the area since the lands surrounding the lake are privately owned.

When we left, we took nothing but pictures, we left nothing but memories.

Route Mode of Transportation Estimated Travel Time
Cubao to Brgy. Bucal, Calamba city Bus 2.5 hours
Brgy. Bucal to Brgay Tadlac Tricyle 30 minutes

For further reading on Tadlac Lake, pls see link below: